Water has a memory.

Cristal d'eau capturé par Rasmus Gaupp-Berhausen

WATER and AIR are the two elements necessary for LIFE.
But let's focus more precisely on WATER. Consuming a water close to perfection is going to generate energy and well being, Viktor SCHAUBERGER, naturalist and philosopher, said it already in the 1920's.
WATER is Earth most precious thing : it has the capacity to record positive and negative informations, it produces more energy in one day than every nuclear factory in the world over ten thousand years.

Understanding WATER…

Masaru EMOTO is a japanese writer, known for his theory on thoughts and emotions effects on water. He is one of the world most renoun person on the water subject and its memory effect. He discovered that if you put a group of people in a room with a water recepient, and that the group emits positive thoughts (eg: love, happines, wellness...), the water once frozen will organize in very beautiful cristals. On the contrary, when in another room we put people emitting negative thoughts (war, hate, destruction...), the frozen water does not have the same capacity for making crystals : it only forms an ice bloc without form and structure.

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