Agnihotra ceramic medallion, gold / platinum - Bracelet

Medallion : « Trinket ? or real benefit ? »

Egg shaped, to be worn right on the skin.

Covered with gold : Even if its main function is to lower the pains, physical or psychological, the find golden medallion adresses the whold body.

Indeed, the medallion helps anchoring and, as a result, the energetic flow. We then benefit from all the virtues offered by agnihotra ceramic. Moreover, gold has a very special role on treating arthritic pains.

Covered in platinum, the medallion has a more specific function : "electrosmog" protection (bad frequences, bad waves) et is aimed specifically to practicians and people working with computers (or any other kind of waves).

A few testimonials :

"My name is FLORENCE BRIFFOD, I'm 50 years old, I am a flight attendant in a big plane company, with 27 years of flight, I'm wearing the Agniceramic medallion since August 2017, I wanted to test it for jet lag and nights inside the plane which are very tiresome for me.

When I come home, I try to sleep, to nap, but I have a very deep exhaustion, it is not uncommon that I have memory loss, it is not uncommon not to find my keys anymore, to do weird things... to not find my words while I'm speaking.

My exhaustion is like a leaden, I feel numb for several days. Since I'm wearing the medallion, I feel a much lighter exhaustion, it's undeniable, I do indeed have to sleep but I don't have that leaden that numbs me anymore, I recover better. I'm in better possession of my abilities. So now, I wear it all the time !

I wanted to share my feeling, it is mine and mine alone, everyone has their own experience with it ! So good experiment to you all !"

"I am a motorcyclist who has been the victim of a driving accident who wants to share his feeling after buying the medallion.

First let me explain quickly what happened to me, I have been into a driving accident with my motorcycle more than five years ago now and I'm 63 years old.

I am officially handicapped worker since this accident, I have metal plates in my spine, 7 vertebraes have been damages, my forearm also had 4 plates, now 2, I had many fractured ribs, exploded clavicle, prosthesis on one finger, and much more....

I spent several months in re-education, and the pain has tranformed into permanent pain, which caused the need for 2 hours of rest every afternoon, and a big limitation in my activities and travels, as well as interrupted sleep five or six times per night after strong pain (if not more).

I had daily painkillers with different strenghs (klipal 600 or tramadol). I was followed by a pain center. I was lucky enough that a member of a Taichi club that I'm a part of suggested me to "test" that medallion, being very pragmatic but also very open minded, I accepted and after feeling a weird sensation on the first day, I started waking up less during the night, and slowly but surely but over a very short time period, I was surprised to be able to do my usual tasks but without pain. My daily life has been turned upside down, of course I'm still tired after a long day as everyone my age is, but without pain.

The results were so good that I decided to try without any pain medication that I was still taking, I then decided to stop completely the pain med without knowing exactly where it would lead me, I had every symptome of withdrawal, irritabiliy, .... as of today I'm 12 days into the withdraw and the pain hasn't come back.

I cannot explain the effects of this medallion but I honestly don't care, what matters is the result. I also suggested a friend, who also have a pretty impressive medical background, to try it. She also felt an improvement and said her pain which was 10 on the pain scale reduced to 2 (I actually had to leave my pendant to her and buy another one).

I have no trouble sharing my 'testimony' considering it's absolute truth, wether it's about the damages caused by my accident (medical documents prove that) or about the well being that I'm feeling since a few weeks. I wish other people could also benefit from this well being because when it comes to pain, you live with it, you work around it, you bear with it, but you never get used to it."