An invention by Mikael Wüst, developed and realized by Vincent

The EAUVOÏDE is not a water filter, but a dynamizer. Indeed, when you put your tap water in your Eauvoïde, a right rotating energetic vortex happens, it is not visible as it is happening on a molecular level.

A true revolution in the field of water and its "memory effect".

Rasmus Gaupp-Bergauhsen, Masaru Emoto's project manager, has captured water crystals that have never before been observed, and so without "love thank you, joy, wellness" type intentions, because tap water cannot produce crystals. Once frozen, it organizes in a non structured manner. The same water gone through the Eauvoïde is structured, and produces wonderful crystals. Masaru Emoto and Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen have confirmed that consuming this water equals drinking one of the world's best waters.

We have had the Eauvoïde water analyzed to the Strasbourg ULP and specifically Heavy metals. They have disappeared. The agnihotra ash, the riolites and phonolites, absorbing all the toxicity, have done their job. Even more astounding, all the good oligo-elements have been accelerated, especially the strontium which fights osteoporosis, also copper and a part of silver.

Property : this structured water out of our Eauvoïde is going to have a draining effect. All your digestion system will work in an optimal manner, the water is very soft, clear as crystal.

Composition : Water "un-formed" by the agnihotra ash, magnetite, fossilized wood, amethyst rich basalt and another one with the same chemical composition as Hawai, CO2 plasma, eolian quartz, Betschdorf's clay, Werterwald's clay.