« Agniceramic » is a combination of « Agnihotra » and stoneware and salt, which is the only "bio ceramic" in the world.

« Agnihotra » : It is a sacred fire ritual « Agni » already mentionned in the indian vedical writings more than 5 millenias ago, « Agni » designates the  « fire » and « Hotra » the « healing through offering ».

The combination of ashes « Agnihotra », of Betschdorf's clay and very pure sea salt makes it an exceptional ceramic with outstanding vibration rates. As an example : the vibration rate of the cup is 50.000 Bovis and the « Wasserei » one is 1.600.000 Bovis.

Moreover, the « Agniceramic » is known for its remarkable draining and detox properties.

We are manufacturing elements to dynamize gardens : the Homa towers and the short ceramic sticks « Agnihotra », allowing then a luxurious growth of the vegetation, thanks to the electro-culture principles.

The « Agniceramic » is constantly evolving. Being a potter and a radiesthesist, I am in constant search of new elements to associate with the clay, in order to improve the water quality. I find those in nature, they are among other things minerals as amethyst-rich basalts.

Note : the patterns are random, therefore the pictures are just examples of it